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Chinese Culture 中国文化


Chinese Culture Summary


Mandarin 简体中文
History 历史
Geography 地理

Guzheng Lesson for Children & Adults 古筝培训


Drawing for Kids 美术(儿童)


Sing for Kids 声乐(儿童)



Fun Crash Course Program in Oil Painting 成人油画速成班


Fun Crash Course Program in Vocal 成人声乐速成班


    Learning Guzheng  

Learning Chinese

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Zimei Chinese Culture & Art Academy is a modern and new -style academy.  It offering a variety of cultural and artistic courses around Chinese culture, mandarin, art, music, history as well as geography; and offers culture drawing, material and book class as well.  At the same time, we offer Chinese and American cultural exchange events.

We are open to all students interested in Chinese culture, from ethnic Chinese and non-Chinese background; and stresses the significance of a diverse students from all ethnicity because we acknowledge the importance of cultural diversity that strengthens mutual understanding and appreciation of various cultures.  We do not discriminate students from any creed, race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin for the opportunity to learn and to attain knowledge. 

Zimei Chinese Culture & Art Academy offers classes to all age levels in a fun and friendly environment with small size (minimum 4, maximum 10) of classes with a flexible class schedule.


  Simplified Chinese 简体中文







  Traditional Chinese 繁体中文






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