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Guzheng Lesson for Children & Adults 古筝培训


Chinese Culture


Fun Crash Course Program in Oil Painting 成人油画培训


Music Health Care Program for Adults 音乐养生

  ZimeiArtist - Zimei   
  Chinese Culture and Development  
  Breath Management in Guzheng  
  Music Health Care  
  A Gentle Way to Fight Stress  
  Musial Therapy in Chinese Medicine  
  Regimen and Breathing  
  Music for Beauty  



Welcome to Zimei Chinese Culture & Art Academy.  We provide learning multiple lessons around Chinese culture, art and music.  Our goal is to serve the Chinese and American Local community, introducing younger generation Chinese culture, it is open to the whole society, welcoming anyone who or whose children may be interested in learning Chinese as well as Chinese culture and arts.


We provide high quality and friendly teaching with a reasonable tuition than average social lesson charge, in order to be able to popularize Chinese culture education, especially Guzheng education. At the same time, we provide advanced media instruction model.


We try the best to face the various students, so that everyone who loves Chinese culture has an opportunity to learn more Chinese culture.  Because we know the national culture is belong to the world.  

We offer a whole range of the courses for all age, as young as 4 years old up to senior level.
Situated at the University Station building, it is very conveniently located and free parking.




      教室坐落在University Station写字楼,这里交通便利,免费停车。




Special Guzheng Lesson for All Ages


Our main office located in Sacramento and serve every single town of Capital area in Elk Grove, Davis, Carmichael, Fair Oaks, Rancho Cordova, Folsom, Roseville, EI Dorado Hills, Rocklin and Auburn counties etc.  The local Guzheng lesson service is available in Davis, Rocklin and Carmichael. 

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Music Health Care Program for Adults

Music health care has developed into a modern science. It is a part of Chinese medicine, and the two have an interwoven, continuous relationship. Music, the theory of yin and yang, and the five elements are interconnected. The ancients thought that the essence of music was the changes of yin and yang, the regulating force of life, the tone and mood of the universe.


The right music helps to regulate the function of the organs in the body and restore metabolism Musical treatment not only avoids side effects of medicine, but also allows for long-term health care treatment. Listening to music is not only for the sheer pleasure of the musical sound itself, also make people find solace in music such as restrain the condition of strain and tension, helpful for sleep, release stresses and so on.    

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The Timeless Orchestra - 加州华年艺术团

The Timeless Orchestra is the Guzheng and other instruments orchestra in the California capital region and the mission of the orchestra is to promote Chinese culture and music to the public and to bring to the audience a new sound and aural experience that are slightly different from the more typical performances.


The Timeless Orchestra playing traditional and contemporary Chinese music also plays Western and Chinese modern pop music.

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